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If Shaber is right that few are aware of this situation, in California and across the country.When I wrote an expose about the quiet expansion of Catholic health care in the U. In the battle for women’s reproductive health access and bodily autonomy, we have become accustomed to a familiar old paradigm: Choice vs. Continuing the pregnancy also posed a risk to her own health, but her doctor was unable to induce labor, thanks to a Nebraska fetalpain bill that made participating in an abortion after twenty weeks illegal.

women are caught up in an antiabortion fight that stretches back decades, and the Telling a story like that presents its own challenges—namely, picking from what seems like an endless possibility of narrative strands to illustrate the state of affairs for American women of reproductive age.

Wade.” Among the conservative movement’s recruits were a younger generation of activists, sent to antiabortion youth camps where they learned to debate some of the finer points of the movement’s rhetoric (some may find this some of the documentary’s stranger footage, kids cheerily splayed out on grassy lawns and eating while being assailed with antiabortion talking points).

Beyond history, the film also touches on the disturbing trend of what can be more or less reduced to the criminalization of pregnancy: women increasingly being prosecuted for crimes ranging from feticide to chemical endangerment of children.

Perhaps it is fitting, then, that the filmmakers' inspiration for the documentary came out of the Supreme Court’s 2014 Hobby Lobby decision, which permitted companies to opt out of providing contraceptive coverage for their employees if they had religious objections. Given the filmmakers' chosen focus, it's easier to understand how and why the documentary begins where it does: with the story of a woman, Danielle, who never had an abortion but somehow found herself caught in the crossfire.

Instead, they wanted to eschew the bilateral pro/antiabortion framing that guides much of women's health coverage, and focus on the ways the antiabortion movement has mutated to cover ground including sexual education and contraception.

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