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Mom grew up in Erie with Ann Bradford Davis, the actress who played the housekeeper on the Brady Bunch. Mom says that in a few of the Brady Buch episodes she thinks it's really Harriet playing the housekeeper, not Schultzie. Like Aunt Annie and some other forbears, she chose a writing-related career.ID: 008 Name: MARY LOU MOSHER Sex: F Birth place: Erie, PA Mother: MARIETTA MARSHALL WALLING (011) (1897-1962) Father: LEWIS SAXTON MOSHER (012) (1896-1973) Note: Aunt Lulu Worked for years as a textbook editor in New York. This is the only career choice that seems to have lasted in this family, other things like medicine, the law, and banking having fizzled out. Mom says she had a job during the war in a factory that made refrigerators.After they got divorced in 1968 she moved from Stockton to Palo Alto where she worked for a few years at a hi-tech start-up run by Bill Odell (who was the son of Carey Odell, a Hollywood set designer whose name can occasionally be seen in the credits of old movies). The depression didn't really end until 1939 when the war started, and then there was rationing.After that went bust, she worked for various other Silicon Valley hi-tech places including as a secretary at Xerox for 10 years, mostly at the Palo Alto Research Center, one of the highest-tech places in the Valley. Along about 1943 was when it got worse; nobody could get enough gasoline to drive very far, and Mom sometimes had trouble getting back to college at Allegheny in Meadville, only 45 miles away.Uncle Bob was a Republican, like his father; Mom and Aunt Lulu, on the other hand, are lifelong Democrats like Aunt Annie.He and Aunt Gertrude are buried in Serenity Gardens Memorial Park Cemetery on Indian Rocks Rd. In 1961 he drove me all the way across the country to Erie, so I could visit my grandparents.ID: 009 Name: ROBERT WALLING MOSHER Sex: M Birth date: Dec. Mother: MARIETTA MARSHALL WALLING (011) (1897-1962) Father: LEWIS SAXTON MOSHER (012) (1896-1973) Spouse: GERTRUDE HORNER (010) (1912-2008) Wedding: 12/21/1963 Note: Uncle Bob Stock market fan. Got his picture in the paper when he was a kid for winning a fox trot competition. He also had a job once working for a trucking company, planning out routes for the trucks, which he seems to have liked even though he didn't keep that job. She was living in the apartment above Aunt Annie, but she was off in places like Geneva a lot, and having an empty apartment above her made Aunt Annie nervous, so Aunt Gertrude sub-let it to Uncle Bob.That's how they met, and then later they surprised everyone by getting married.

HERENDEEN ( - ) | | | | | | | | | | | | 193 | | | |HEZEKIAH HERENDEEN (1715-1790) | | | | | | | | | 194 | | | | FREELOVE HERENDEEN (1732-1790) | | | | | | | | | 192 | | | | |MARY HARRINGDEE (1757-1840) | | | | | | | | | 191 | | | | | THOMAS WALLING (1753-1802) | | | | | | | | | 075 | | | | | |THOMAS A.This was after staying with us in the house on Acacia Street for maybe a year, in Lew's room, when he worked at a bank in Oakdale. I remember driving thru the Rockies, with the beautiful rock formations on those tricky, winding mountain roads, and a big thunderstorm there bad enough to make us stop at a rest area at the side of the road until it was over.At my insistence we always at a motel with a swimming pool.MARSHALL (1847-1902) | | | | | | | | | | 706 | |WILLIAM MARSHALL ( - ) | | | | | | | | | | | | ID: 003 Name: NATALIE MOSHER Sex: F Birth place: Erie, PA.Mother: MARIETTA MARSHALL WALLING (011) (1897-1962) Father: LEWIS SAXTON MOSHER (012) (1896-1973) Spouse: ROBERT LYNN GRISWOLD (002) (1924-1995) Wedding: 6/11/1949, Erie, PA.

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