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20 after being arrested for allegedly violating his probation in an unrelated matter. Davis was interviewed at the San Juan County Adult Detention Center on Dec.BESbswy BESbswy BESbswy BESbswy BESbswy BESbswy BESbswy BESbswy We value your feedback and encourage you to take our applicant survey!

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We will adapt to the community’s changing needs, through pro-active strategies and traditional police methods. She also admitted that they had sex twice — once on Dec. The detective also viewed Facebook messages sent between the girl and Davis in which the girl tells Davis that she is only 15 years old, the warrant states. The girl said she was dating Davis, and he knew she was only 15 years old. The officer collected her clothing as evidence, and she provided a statement detailing what occurred between her and Davis, the warrant states. 19 that she was upset that her daughter was dating an older man. Attorney Ruth Baldwin is representing Davis on behalf of the Public Defender’s Office. According to the arrest warrant, the girl’s mother told a Bloomfield police officer on Dec.

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