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Perhaps even more remarkable, the company has occupied the same location on London’s Strand since its founding by Thomas Twining in 1706.Tea consumption was not always essential to everyday British life.Coffee, gin, and beer dominated English breakfast drink preferences in the early 18th century.By the turn of the century, however, tea had become extremely popular.Stella Artois, for example, is recognized by several details of its icon.

Local brewer Sebastian Artois bought the brewery in 1708 and renamed it after himself.Global energy conglomerate Royal Dutch Shell plc (NYSE: RDS-A) was originally a shipping company, transporting kerosene to India and returning with seashells to sell in Euro. Paint company Sherwin-Williams (NYSE: SHW), on the other hand, chose to symbolize its business with an image of a bucket of paint poured over a drawing of the Earth, a somewhat more explicit representation.Many companies use their longevity as a selling point to consumers in advertising and on corporate websites.According Anheuser-Busch-In Bev, Bass ale was even fought over by Napoleon.In 1891, Marcus Samuel and Company began shipping kerosene from London to India and bringing back seashells for sale in the European markets.

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