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The real trick, though, is deciding from a menu that includes regional specialties like Langosta Xtabentún (lobster basted in Mayan liqueur) and Chile México Lindo (stuffed poblano pepper with habanero marmalade). Cavern of Anti-Matter is a side project of Stereolab’s Tim Gane launched in 2013, which also features Stereolab drummer Joe Dillworth and synth player Holger Zapf.The surrounding woodlands and the inside of the cavern are also a site of special scientific interest (SSSI).But the cavern's life as a visitor attraction didn't begin until the early 20th century - 1903 to be exact.There are remains at Kents Cavern dating back half a million years. The caves are Britain's oldest scheduled ancient monument.

It was his son, Leslie, who spent his life turning the caves into a major attraction.This will send the poor suckers flying off the edge of the cube.Things only get hairy when the two Minotaurs show up.The name Alux — pronounced "Aloosh" — is the Mayan word for elf or goblin.Two of these prankster fairies (one good and one bad) are said to dwell in the cavern even today, playing tricks on unsuspecting patrons.

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