Self validating statements

If you go by the traditional validation advice, you might end up rationalizing your wrong life decisions.

You’ll search for patterns of info that confirm your existing beliefs.

The tendency to look at new evidence in a certain way, that confirms your existing hypothesis and conveniently ignore the facts that clash against your ideologies, has a fancy name in psychology: What’s astounding is that when your wrong opinions are repeated sufficient number of times, then your mind will reinforce a feedback loop.

And you’ll be more confident that what you believe is indeed true.

Another earlier study went to the extent of recommending that people with low self-esteem shouldn’t use Facebook.

For example, let’s build a simple staging table in the schema: I can deal with this situation in a couple of different ways.

Firstly let’s try and discover which rows and columns in my staging table contain values that are likely to cause data conversion errors.

Of course the sensible thing is to add lots of data validation checks into your code to try and catch the situations where the wrong type of data arrives from your data source.

It’s likely that all the additional validation checks will slow down the process of inserting data, which is not a great result.

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