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Speaking of which, Rowling also says that “the only time my editor ever saw me cry was over the fate of Teddy.” Some fans embraced them so fiercely.

Many latched on to the friendship between Lupin and Sirius Black as the likeliest candidate for a gay relationship in the franchise.

He was in the year above me at Oxford but completely invisible. The name Anthony Blair simply never cropped up, which was interesting given what he went on to become.” Lucie chortles.

“Mike likes to describe the play as ‘the night Tony Blair consumed a lot of hash brownies and invented New Labour’.”There are no Nick Drake songs in Solid Air, as is appropriate.

Bradwell shuffles into the acting space and huddles with Tom Clegg, who is embodying the role of the barely sentient Drake.

What passes between the two is inaudible, but you can tell from the director’s gestures and from Clegg’s attentive nods that they’re wrestling with the subtle details of how to perform a negative: how to make a dead spirit readable.

(This was before Rowling announced, after the book series had concluded, that Dumbledore was gay.) : “Alfonso Cuarón, in the rehearsals, without J. Rowling’s knowledge, told me that [my character] was, in fact, gay.

So I’d been playing a part like a gay man for quite a long time.

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And given how far Hollywood still has to go in actually representing gay relationships, audiences still find themselves endowing same-sex friendships with romantic overtones.

The ingratiating posh boy tasked with the job of corralling these card-carrying members of the awkward squad into playing ball, and then playing the Ball, is one Anthony “Call me Tony!

” Blair, self-appointed “Ents Comm Liaison Officer”. He is both obsequious and superior, by turns patronising and way out of his depth.

author has made it her new annual tradition to celebrate the fictional, casualty-heavy Battle of Hogwarts (May 2) by apologizing for ripping her young readers’ hearts out. If there’s one character I couldn’t bear to part with, it’s Arthur Weasley.

Last year, she apologized for bumping off Fred Weasley; this year it’s Remus Lupin, who died, Rowling says, so Arthur Weasley could live. And I think part of the reason for that is there were very few good fathers in the book.

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