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The inclusion of protein rich food like chicken in her day to day is an unusual dietary plan for a hot journalist unless she is pregnant.

Image of her holding a big chocolate shake and diet cokes rather than champion or a beer continuously from over two-month points towards the one and only obvious reason “Pregnancy”The source also added that the couple, especially Cupp, is pretty worried about her first kid.

The source, who claims to be quite close to Cupp and her husband, claimed that the panelist on the CNN political debate show Crossfire is pregnant with her second child.

They met each other at the 2008 Republican Convention and they began dating in 2011.We all know how this young mother appeared in TV just a few days prior to her delivery last time. Her career is at the height of success right now and we all know how difficult it is for a woman her age to be in her position.So, she is very worried about how she would be managing time for her two children.”If the information given by the informant is actually true then, Cupp has a genuine reason to get worried.They are keeping it and I guess Cupp is around a month or two pregnant now.” All of the evidence points towards her pregnancy so far.She has started maintaining her dietary supplements and has added high calory food and organic juices.

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