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Linking to images and other pages: When you're making a website it's really helpful to keep in mind that, at least at first, everything is in the same directory on your hard drive.

You can download some free HTML editors, and Coffeecup is one that I highly recommended.

With the user homepage allocation increasing from 5 to 20 megabytes, now's a great time to start fiddling around with that web page you've been putting off.

Your user homepage is a great place to make a start and we hope you find this month's introduction to the upload interface helpful. As we mentioned last month, most Actrix customers are entitled to some free web space for their own non-business site.

It has highlighted syntax in source code, but no wysiwyg. Damian Kissick: Crimson Editor is a free source code editor for Windows that's quite small (can be copied on one floppy) - no wysiwyg -

Jim Breen: What could be easier than the old NS Composer now renamed, updated and bundled with Sea Monkey browser for Win, Mac and Linux. I don't really recommend it, but you can also use Microsoft programs like Word and Publisher to make html pages.

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