Sarah harding dating in the dark episode 4

I’ve witnessed it myself.’ And while he refuses to reveal what makes Sarah drink, he says cryptically: ‘I think it’s pretty obvious.’The last few years have been tough for Sarah – not only was she forced to pull out of the The Jump, the previous year her character was axed from Coronation Street.

Jethro praised Sarah and said: ‘She’s brilliant, a great night out’ but added that while Sarah is entertaining to be around: ‘She picks fights and is a bit unstable at times and you have to deal with a lot of shit.

He explained: ‘We didn’t have the chance to finish it because she had to check in to go on holiday.

But we’ve got one track still left that I think is just amazing, it’s a brilliant song and she sounds really, really good on it so I hope we get to finish it.

Over the last month the former Girls Aloud singer baffled viewers with her scatty behaviour – from booze-fuelled rows with Paul Danan and Jemma Lucy to getting steamy on screen with hunky housemate Chad Johnson one minute and shouting at him the next.

But as Sarah, 35, heads back to reality this week, we put a call in to her close friend, songwriter/producer Jethro Sheeran (who also happens to be Ed Sheeran’s cousin) to find out what’s really going on inside Sarah’s head.

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