Sara paxton dating

That night, Margaret asks Andrew about his relationship with his father, but Andrew refuses to talk. The next day, the family convinces them to marry while they're in Sitka.After Margaret realizes how close Andrew's family is, she becomes upset, gets on Andrew's boat, and speeds away with him.The film ends with Gilbertson asking questions (some of them irrelevant) not only to Andrew and Margaret, but also Joe, Grace, Annie and Ramone.Principal photography officially began on April 9 at Bearskin Neck, where it continued over a period of 24 hours.

Returning home, Margaret learns of the conflict between Andrew and Joe.Andrew rushes to their room only to find Margaret has already left, leaving the aforementioned book manuscript with a note of praise and a promise to publish it.Gertrude attempts to comfort Andrew and asks approvingly if he is going to go after her.Andrew makes a sharp turn to avoid hitting a buoy, and Margaret falls out of the boat.Andrew quickly turns the boat around and saves her because she can't swim.

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