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But it’s those formative experiences that what make us who we are, you know? Laurie is now being asked some questions about the 1960s. Calvin is a fantastic dancer and he’s better than ever tonight. He’s like Ron Howard, the voice over guy in James and Sharna are dancing a 1940s-themed jitterbug. He’s very gracious afterwards when talking to the judges, saying that he’s lucky to have her as a partner. They dance to the theme of the TV show , which I only know because my other roommate has now replaced my first roommate in the seat next to me.She doesn’t know any of the answers, and Val is like, huh, maybe we should have you brush up on your history, and I’m like, dude, she won Olympic medals. Now they’re dressed up in prom clothes and Val is talking about the “magic moments” of prom and saying what an “awesome time” it is. Sharna wants to win the whole dang thing — she says that in eight seasons, she’s never won the Mirror Ball trophy (which is not called the Mirraball Trophy, as I originally thought), but people she’s talked to have said that she has a real chance with Hinch, and she’s feeling the pressure. The judges love the performance and tell him how wonderful he is. The Viennese waltz Team Past does together is beautiful.I don’t know if I was just a Bad Teen or not but my prom wasn’t super transformative; we all suffered through the actual dance part and then got drunk in one of my friend’s basements while her mom pretended not to know what was going on. The dance involves a lot of lifts, and Hinch is like, okay, cool, I’m a little nervous about this, but I’ll try. Marcia Brady (the actual human’s name is Maureen Mc Cormick, but she played Marcia Brady, so I’m going to call her Marcia Brady), who is not an athlete, is the one really dragging this team down, though. The judges love it despite Marcia, and the team gets 38/40. ; the professional dancers say they want it to have an apocalyptic feeling.I woke up the next day and discovered I was using a dusty oriental rug as a blanket. She is performing to (Wow, John Goodman is in this music video. This is helpful for the pairs who got lower marks in the individual part of the competition because it contributes to their overall scores. Terra Jole, who is the first little person to go on the show, is really sad because she feels like she’s holding her team back since she can’t take the same big steps they can.Despite his original dislike of swimming, Lochte is now an Olympic champion, starred briefly in his own reality TV show, and has often been named the flashy, fun companion of his sometimes-friend and most-times rival, Michael Phelps.But Lochte likes to be defined separately from the butterfly legend.Little could he have expected what Agnel had in store for him.The Australians did not look right from the start, as Magnussen was beaten by Nathan Adrian over the first 100m.

You can’t really base it off of just meeting someone." Culpo is in fact single, and as far as we know, Lochte is too.Immediately I’m like oh boy, here we go, Laurie’s never been to prom before, they’re definitely going to turn this into “the prom she never had.” I am right. One of the judges, maybe Martin Short (sorry, I mean Bruno The Judge, but c’mon, they look exactly the same) says, “you made it Calvanized! For the competition, Hinch is dressed as a World War II soldier and Sharna is a pin-up girl. Hinch is the captain of Team Past, while Laurie is the captain of Team Future.“You’re supposed to go to prom during high school, but I don’t go to high school, I’m home-schooled,” Laurie says. Even though her life is infinitely cooler than the lives of most 16-year-olds, she’s still missing out on normal kid stuff, and normal kid stuff was kind of fun, if often excruciatingly awkward and painful. ” Julianne Hough tells Calvin he has energy in his toes. ABC/Eric Mc Candless In other news, I have just realized there is a British dude who announces the scores. His footwork is impeccable and he really embodies the character — despite Sharna’s knee injury, for which she’s wearing a brace, they do really well because Hinch is able to improvise and help Sharna out when she falters a little bit. The women of Team Past are wearing these beautiful ballgowns and the men are in full-on prince suits.Back in the 2000 Sydney games, the brash American swimmer Gary Hall Jr got the Australians fired up by saying his team would “smash them like guitars.” The South Africans won it in 2004 before the American reclaimed their crown in Beijing four years ago, edging out a brilliant French four and breaking the world record for good measure.They then won the World Championships in 2009 — and looked unbeatable.

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