From The Daily Beast: Once, Baskaev recalled, Russian propaganda-makers thought they hit the “sensation” jackpot with a fake video of a black man and a woman who looked like Hillary Clinton having sex. But, Baskaev laughs, the man turned out to have an African accent.

(Comments on the You Tube page for that video are in Russian, mocking the failed piece of propaganda.) Baskaev, who is now teaching Russian in Thailand, was shitcanned for copying and pasting pre-written messageboard posts instead of responding to the existing posts.

In addition to creating content, these Russian troll farms reportedly spent hundreds of thousands of dollars promoting the content across social media platforms.

Putin’s claim to be restoring traditional Russian values is as specious as his comrade Phil’s nostalgia.Despite Church asceticism, in terms of its laws and popular attitudes, Tsarist Russia was relatively free of restrictions on the range of sexual relations.The lack of strong state and church control outside major urban areas was a factor in this freedom.Baskaev said that one of his projects entailed hiring a black man and a Hillary Clinton decoy to record a sex tape.According to Baskaev, most of the night shift employees were just churning out fake Pro-Trump content for cash and weren’t driven by any particularly ideology.

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