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They argue that only patrilineal descent can transmit Jewish identity on the grounds that all descent in the Torah went according to the male line, basing this idea "on the fact that, in the Bible, tribes are given male names and that biblical characters are always referenced by their fathers' names.

For the person to be accepted as Jewish by an Orthodox or Conservative community (for example, on an occasion of their bar/bat mitzvah or marriage), they require a formal conversion (in accordance with halakhic standards).

Karaite Judaism believes that Jewish identity can only be transmitted by patrilineal descent.

Because rabbis in the other movements do not require that converts make this commitment, Orthodox authorities do not generally accept as valid conversions performed outside the Orthodox community.

Conservative authorities likewise require that conversions be conducted according to traditional Jewish law.

However, there are differences in interpretations when it comes to non-Orthodox Jewish denominations in the application of this definition, including According to the Mishnah, the first written source for halakha, the status of the offspring of mixed marriages was determined matrilineally. He brings two likely explanations for the change in Mishnaic times: first, the Mishnah may have been applying the same logic to mixed marriages as it had applied to other mixtures (kilayim).

Thus, a mixed marriage is forbidden as is the union of a horse and a donkey, and in both unions the offspring are judged matrilineally.

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