Rules for dating a graphic designer

While making his mark professionally as a graphic artist with a flair for color and an abundance of personality, Kus perhaps gained a wider audience after sharing his ephemeral, dreamlike photography on Instagram.

You can find him speaking at tech conferences or snapping photos of ducks on the river – there is little Kus can’t do.

An Australian designer and art director who lives and works in New York, Stefan Sagmeister has worked for some atypical clients, including The Rolling Stones, Talking Heads, Lou Reed, and The Guggenheim Museum.

Sagmeister co-founded the NYC design firm Sagmeister & Walsh, which serves as a full service branding, strategy, and design studio.

He has amassed a huge following on Instagram and Facebook publishing hand drawn calligraphy videos of famous brands and fonts.Their lauded typography and bold graphic design led to Hey opening an online shop which they maintain while still serving their clients that range from General Electric to Turkish Airlines.Mike Kus is a design renaissance man, skilled in web and UI design, photography, graphic design, and illustration.Unfortunately, with the sheer amount of designers and creatives on Instagram, Facebook, and other platforms, it can prove difficult to find the designers that match your style or the innovators who can inspire you to greatness.That’s why we’ve sorted through the cream of the crop to share our favorite designers online.

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