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He pretty much spent the entire run of the show doing his best to emulate Tommy Chong, looking spaced out and reminiscing about things that may or may not have happened.

It also turns out that Rachins is a pretty sharp tack.

He had a successful stage career, and was accepted as a fellow in the writing and directing programs at the American Film Institute.

Oh, and he’s a member of MENSA, which means he’s at least pretty smart. Smith Young Writers’ competition — once for three short stories and once for three poems.

However, if you keep you eyes open, eventually you’ll see an actor or actress who are much smarter than you gave them credit for.

People who are actually kinda sharp, but have made a living by appearing vapid. Alan Rachins is most well remember these days for being in the extremely banal sitcom Dharma and Greg, where he played Dharma’s aging hippie father Larry.

Any time you needed a classy seductress, it was Heddy you tried to get hold of.

She was a major star of MGM’s Golden Age of cinema, and once called “the most beautiful woman in Europe.” She was also a badass inventor, and thanks to her we have cellphones. Lamarr was the co-inventor of the technology behind “frequency hopping,” which they originally devised to make American torpedoes harder to jam, because they could switch quickly between a number of radio frequencies.

She’s been in some great, great films: Romeo Juliet, Shopgirl, The Hours, and also some utterly, utterly terrible ones: Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines. she got Oliver Stone to write her a recommendation letter, and studied Psychology there for two years.You might not agree with him on many things, but there’s no arguing that this Masshole is smart.There’s this steroetype that gangster rap is made by angry young thugs without two brain cells to rub together, and there certainly is a bit of that, but you look at some of big names in some of the older stuff, their politically charged lyrics and keen minds definitely come through.He’s angry, frustrated, eloquent, educated and verbose.Contrary to the view of him as a goofball, Damon’s astonishingly smart.

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