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or does something have to match the original purchase?i tried reading through the site but i'm not really finding what i'm looking for and i'm probably just hopped up on too many goofballs.

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Sounds like an accident waiting to happen for anyone else who just changed CC info and hasn't been tracking their finances closely. Apparently my payment didn't go through for some reason (still no clue why).

It's 10 days to fix the problem once you've had contact with them. When I click on my order status a receipt similar to the ones that are emailed each month opens in a new window.

and the goal is for you to get your tickets, not lose them. It shows my updated billing address, but it still shows my old address as the mailing address.

I have a feeling a LOT of people are going to have problems and Frontgate is going to screw people over.

stupid question probably, but how do i contact someone with questions? can i just update the billing/contact info with someone else so that they can take over the ticket?

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