Raiden fighters 2 mame updating

The DOS player [AYPLAY], the DOS AY compiler [AYMAKE], and the database have also been updated. - chris Sorry Atila, and sorry Killer Instinct fans.KIMAME is so obviously fake I'm surprised it got posted here.[Brad Oliver] - Added option to load a language file, and in the process rearranged the front-end slightly. those that are not named 'cheat.dat') will be added in a future release; it is dimmed out for now.

Yeah, it's very, very early but AMAZING nevertheless. - atila The Register reports that, a San Francisco judge has given Napster until midnight on Friday US Pacific Time to stop aiding the exchange of copyright music, or close down.

*UPDATE* Here's another article about this ruling, thanks to Jason for the link.

- atila A Wolf-unit driver has been added to MAME with all games working with full sound.

The first thing that jumped out at me were the new CRCs for several Neo Geo MGDII dumps. (It's how the Mame team flags "No good dump known, but you should use this known dump for use with this version of Mame" ROMs.

:) CLRMame Pro will scan the sets correctly; you don't have to download anything new.

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