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For example, in the The decay constant has dimensions of reciprocal seconds.In the special case in which parent and daughter atoms are present in equal quantities, the age of the specimen is the half-life of the parent isotope: The first assumption, that the amount of the daughter isotope in the original rock is known, is the weakest assumption.For example, K-Ar dating assumes that there was no argon in the original rock.

But the age of the rock and the proportion of argon to radio-potassium in the sample originally are not observable.As any first-year student of algebra soon learns, a single equation with two unknown variables cannot be solved.In fact, the above formula is far too simple, because it assumes that the amount of daughter isotope was zero at start.Radiometric dating utilizes the decay rates of certain radioactive atoms to date rocks or artifacts.Uniformitarian geologists consider this form of dating strong evidence that the Earth is billions of years old.

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