Ptsd symptoms and dating

From time to time his mother threw him a sideways glance, as if to say, “So, are you seeing anyone? His father once slapped him on the back, “George, so what’s with the girls.

You’re always by yourself, didn’t used to be like that.” George cringed.

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For others, they may try to hide or mask their symptoms, hoping or believing it is not PTSD.Even his sexual desire had diminished to a level that was both surprising and disappointing to him.He clearly remembered how much fun it used to be, but right now, it was of remarkably little interest. Yet, the loneliness of being by himself, for months now, bothered him.Until the problem becomes intrusive in their life or affects their ability to work or function, it often goes untreated.Some anxiety medications are used to treat PTSD, and more often therapy is used to help people cope with the many symptoms PTSD can bring along with it.

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