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If her arms are crossed her hands should end up near her chin instead of her armpits.Another very flattering pose for girls, especially high school age girls, is to have the lay down on the ground on their side, holding their head up with one hand.Rory and Paris go south for a rite of passage: spring break!Jason deals with the rite of giving Lorelai his house key.As I mentioned before, you never want to photograph a girl standing straight toward you with her arms crossed over her chest – that can be a great pose for boys because it’s fairly masculine, which is the exact reason you want to avoid it with girls.Instead, photograph her from one side, asking her to turn her head slightly to look at you.(Click here for ideas on posing boys.) If you ask a subject to stand in front of a pretty background and pose for you, you’ll generally end up with two problems (well, there’s probably plenty more than two, but these two are BIG problems): 1. Standing photos are hard to pull off if you’re not a model.This is why I often photograph girls sitting, leaning against something, or even lying down.

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Lorelai bails Luke out of jail after he's arrested for beating up the car belonging to the man he suspects is having an affair with Nicole.

This is a really fun, glamourous pose that works well if your subject has long hair.

You’ll need a tall stool or step ladder to get this shot.

Be sure you get down on the ground as well – you camera should be right at your subject’s eye level.

Ask her to place her hand on her head, not her cheek, for the most flattering look.

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