Preparing storing beyond use dating of buffered lidocaine

Drugs that can be diluted to reduceirritation can be given only intravenously because the tissue and skin around the otherroutes of administration cannot accommodate large volumes. The first is an intravenous injection inwhich the prepared medication is drawn up into a syringe and administered immediately. Overview of Sterile Compounding and the Role of the C. Since the inner lining of a vein is relativelyinsensitive to pain, drugs that can be irritating if given by another route can be givenintravenously as a slow rate without causing pain.J&D Educational Services PO Box 130909 The Woodlands, Texas 77393-0909 Voice: 1-866-747-5545 Fax: 1-281-298-8335 COMPOUNDING AND PREPARATIONS A Knowledge Based Program for Technicians By Jeff Blackburn, MBA – Healthcare Administration, C. Infusions can be administeredcontinuously or intermittently. Continuous infusions are used to administer larger 4Sterile Preparations J&D Educational Servicesvolumes of solutions over several hours at a slow, constant rate. 0096-9999-09-020-H04-T Total number of pharmacy continuing education hours: 6 hours (0.6 CEU’s) Release Date: 4/6/2009 Expiration Date: 4/6/2012 Course Cost: .00 (to be paid at time of testing) Average time to Complete: Approximately Six hours including testing Course Value: Six Contact Hours Reading: 52 Pages Final Exam: 50 Questions Completion Requirements: Answer 70% of question correctly Complete Evaluation Sterile Preparations J&D Educational Services Course Objectives 1. Infusions are given to overcomedehydration, to build up depleted blood volumes, and to serve as an aid for theadministration of medications.

Prefilled, pre-labeled syringes in the operating room: provider acceptance.

Overview of Sterile Compounding and the Role of the C. The most common injectable routes of administration are intravenous (in the vein),intramuscular (in the muscle), and subcutaneous (in the skin).

Quality Control and Maintaining Integrity 3Sterile Preparations J&D Educational Services I. When drugs need to be injected, any one of several routes can be used to administer thedrug.

2Sterile Preparations J&D Educational Services Table of Contents I. If someonecannot take medication by mouth because he is unconscious or vomiting, thenintravenous administration is the best route.

Describe some of the issues related to large volume parenteral solutions. Describe some of the issues related to small volume parenteral solutions. Discuss the equipment and facilities related to sterile preparations. Review the procedures related to sterile compounding. Discuss the procedure related to proper aseptic technique. Review quality control procedures related to sterile preparations. There are no barriers like skin ormuscle to absorb the drug first, which allow the most rapid onset of action.

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