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Zines, Piepmeier explains, are much more than ’90s riot grrl staples.

In her review of the book, Piepmeier begins reclaiming zines from the male-dominated culture of punk.

'Come,' said death,choosing her as his partner forthe last dance.

But, it’s true: The Internet has become the center of the activist’s universe.

From getting the word out about a rally to circulating petitions or making others aware of an important vote or politician, people are far more likely to post something on Twitter, Facebook or a blog than go out and flier the neighborhood.

So what does that mean for independent, radical publications that thrived for years on their gritty, cut-and-paste image and expressive scrawls: you know, zines?

, feminist author and women and gender studies professor Alison Piepmeier tackles the historical significance of women and do-it-yourself publishing.

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