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This was going to be our put in location for Grace Lake.

Most of the members of our group were experienced canoeists.

From previous years we'd discovered that these hills are some of the best wild blueberries you can imagine. Alison and I picked 2 containers full and returned with them for desert.

Group shot while blueberry picking above Grace Lake More blueberry picking The second day we enjoyed a relaxing day of more blueberry picking and exploring around the lake.

Loading canoes at Dock's at Widgawa Lodge Tatoo Tuesday After lunch we started the portage, pretty gruelling but with the number of adults and Megan's exuberance at portaging again after a long hiatus we managed to complete the portage relatively quickly.

However this was the first canoe trip for Ian Mills. I was hoping he would be okay with a couple of hour canoe trip to get to the portage into Grace Lake.We arrived on Grace and quickly set off for site 179 which was completely vacant.We unloaded our gear and quickly set off to explore the quartzite bluffs above our campsite. Those that basked in the sunlight were very sweet whereas the ones that were in the shade were tart but bursting with flavour.Frood Lake had a number of pretty sections that were full of lilly pads. After canoeing for 2 hours we made it to the portage point into Grace Lake by about noon.So we decided to have lunch in order to build up our strength for the 1 3/4 km portage. They had been camping on Grace Lake and mentioned that there was noone left when they left which was a good sign and meant that we had a good shot at getting site 179 (my favourite on Grace).

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