Percy and annabeth dating fanfiction

She looks impossibly gorgeous in a tank top and a little blue skirt, her own notes lying dormant in her lap as she stares at him.‘Wear what more often?

’‘Your glasses.’Percy cringes and looks down, avoiding her intent gaze and readjusting the thick rims on his nose.

Thalia laughed and shoved her vagina into her mouth. She dropped their clothes in a puddle and stomped on them. “Hay babes don’t worry we will get the tape back.” Percy said trying to intense my nerves. I finally had got out of the shower and waited for Percy to get dressed. We were just about to turn around when we heard a voice.

She licked Percy's ass once more and kissed Annabeth's vagina then lips and tore off the duck tape. She tore off Thalia's undies and bra and put on her clothes. Yeah) and I would always be Thalia because she's awesome. If anyone saw that video my life would be ruined which meant there was only one thing to do.

Then he slid his hand down her bare back and into her skirt.

He pulled off her skirt and threw it next to her shirt.

"We've been dating for a long time, and I was wondering if we could uh, talk about our future." Annabeth lied.

"Percy..."She said, crossing her arms over her chest so he couldn't see them.

I burned Thalia’s clothing and took a shower that lasted two hours. Annabeth pulled down Percy's jeans revealing his boxers. Percy pulled off the bra and smiled at what he saw. "We can go the easy way or the hard way, and you picked the hard way." Thalia said, laughing evilly. She forced her boob into his mouth and put his hands on her butt.

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