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He spent years sedating himself into preflight oblivion, even after having gutted out enough puddle-jumping trips to work his way up to hosting CBS's "The Late Late Show." Then one night in 2005, actor Kurt Russell, who is also an avid pilot, was a guest. "The first time I tried it, I absolutely loathed it," says Ferguson, 45. In fact, he hated it from the age of 13, when he flew from his native Scotland to the United States.The jocular rapport he creates with his guests isn't confined to the set.His fear-of-flying dinner with Russell wasn't a fluke; it was business as usual."What I try to do is be as personal or as honest as the situation will allow me to be," he says.Keep up with this story and more Honesty has played an important role in Ferguson's life, as it does in the life of any recovering alcoholic.But given the feverish interest in this year's election, every bit of political flotsam has the potential of becoming a star-making You Tube flash point.

Wick on "The Drew Carey Show." Ferguson is not at all resentful of his B-list status among the men of late night."But after 15 more hours of it, it shifted from morbid fear to addiction." If he hated it so much, why do it 15 more hours? Next week he'll host the White House Correspondents' dinner, the annual black-tie confab of political journalists, celebrities and Washington power players."What you're really asking is, 'What is it like to be Scottish? Fear is culturally unacceptable in Scotland." That explains the kilts. Oh, and the leader of the free world also shows up to poke a little fun at himself.The barman persuaded him to stay and poured him a generous glass of sherry.They drank and talked and drank, and Ferguson forgot he was supposed to kill himself. He recounted the story 15 years later on his talk show.

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