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It’s a place where people can build support systems and friendships with those who’ve arrived at similar stations in life.

You don’t have to worry about disclosing your addiction because members already have an idea of what you may have gone through and how you might be overcoming obstacles every day.

Sober Gay Dating facilitates a process where people can create bonds based on shared beliefs and experiences.

The site removes the need to fret over the awkward conversations about recovery and sobriety that sometimes must take place when drug- and alcohol-free singles meet new people.

After the success of her site, Sober Singles Date.com, Robin saw a hole in the online LGBT love market and decided to start Sober Gay

The platform offers more than the average dating site or app.

It can be tough to start a date with a conversation about sobriety and the reasons you choose not to drink.

Fortunately, for sober daters in the LGBT community, there’s a solution.

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She said spending day after day communicating without meeting in person or talking on the phone could be a mistake.

The site is one of the only platforms on the web built specifically to help gay adults in AA, NA, or any 12-step program find a match. Today, so many first, second, and third dates happen over drinks, and there’s a reason for this.

And, with easy-to-create profiles and robust search functionalities, it’s simple to meet and bond with other singles who’ve shared similar life experiences and are drug- and alcohol-free. Alcohol is a well-known social lubricant that works on the brain to inhibit feelings of anxiety.

Sober Gay Dating is a safe, confidential place to talk to potential friends and romantic interests without worrying about rejection once they find out you’re in recovery.

Instead, the recovery process is part of the normal discussions on the site, so it’s not necessary to wonder when it’s the right time to bring it up.

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