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He didn’t mean to check the messages and find hers, but he did. And over time, they became close pen pals — sharing much of their personal lives with each other despite having never met. ) then definitely be sure to order a copy of this book!!

From her point of view though, she’d just spent the last several months building an online relationship with a guy who looked (based on his profile pic) and sounded (from his emails) like her dream man, but when she decided to fly across the country to surprise him with a real visit, she was horrified to find that HE was a lie.

And as he cared for her through her flu, she began to consider that he might not actually be the asshole she’d pegged him as.

But of course, her best friend didn’t hesitate to fiercely and hilariously defend her regardless of Joe’s actions…

The man she thought she’d been talking to wouldn’t have been able to find the on-switch of a computer with a flashlight, and the man she’d been really talking to was his completely not-her-type-yet-utterly-gorgeous-and-built-like-Thor brother. My Eric, the beautiful man from the Internet, didn’t exist. Because the guy who’d charmed me with long, rambling emails about life and everything was a liar.

“I wondered how long it would take for this whole little adventure to turn into some funny story I told people. And everyone knew, you couldn’t trust a liar.” Utterly embarrassed and devastated by the meeting, she high-tailed it out of the bar as fast as she could, walking through the rain to get to the nearest hotel so she could book the first flight back to the safety of her home. Despite his undeniable mistake, he hadn’t been faking their actual conversations and he knew they had a connection and he was determined to at least show her how sorry he was.

About Kylie Kylie is a New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author.

Its actually not meant to give the word in quotes more importance, but to make the word in quotes a kind of mockery.

If you want to give a word more importance, the conventions are to type it in ALL CAPS, in bold, or (most acceptable) in italics.

There’s a whole line of people here who also need to abuse me.

Book 1 in the series Dirty is the first in the Dive Bar series from the author of the New York Times bestselling Stage Dive books.

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