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Two of the girls are students from Delhi and they were reportedly brought to the city by Sagar a few days ago. Sagar is the kingpin of the sex racket and he was earlier arrested by Lasudiya police for reportedly operating sex racket. Preliminary investigation revealed that the accused had taken the flat on rent about a month ago and began operating the racket.

Thirty-three-year-old Shakya allegedly ran the racket in a flat located in posh Arera Colony of Bhopal.A special cyber police team in Kerala arrested 13 people — nine men and four women — in Thiruvananthapuram on Wednesday, May 25, for their alleged involvement in an online sex racket. The police have also seized the vehicles used by the racket.As part of the mission titled "Operation Big Daddy," seven models trapped by the racket have also been shifted to a safe place by the police. The investigators have so far arrested 39 people under "Operation Big Daddy." Earlier, they had busted a sex racket headed by Rahul Pashupalan and his wife Reshmi Nair, who were the organisers of "Kiss of Love" in Kerala.Immediately after the news about Shakya's alleged links with the sex racket broke, BJP state president Nand Kumar Singh Chauhan terminated him from the primary membership of the party.This is not for the first time a BJP leader has been arrested in a shameful crime in the state.

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