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You can download a copy of this information to print here.

You can find details of local sources of support in Hungary in this document.

The information below is designed to provide answers to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding criminal proceedings and defence rights in Hungary.

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(b) The right to inform people: (i) Do I have a right to have the consulate informed of the arrest?You should be informed of the accusations and if the public prosecutor believes that your arrest is necessary, you shall be brought before a court within this period.(a) Right to information: (i) Will the police inform me of my rights? At the beginning of your interrogation, you should be informed about your rights orally.(e) Do I have to talk to the police or can I remain silent during police interrogation? You must be informed of your right to remain silent before you are questioned.Under the basic principles of the Hungarian Criminal Code, no negative inference can be drawn from your silence.

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