Online chat whores

Puts down or discriminate other players in the game that do not have NX hair/eyes/clothing Usually NX Whores wear outfits that do not match, but believes that wearing anything in one certain color is matching. NX Whore 2: ty, i got it on my 28th try Non-NX Player: Joining guild.

Online chat whores-42

NX Whore 1: wow ur so lucky i got mine on my 52nd try Non-NX Player: Can I join your guild?

To do this, we collected just under 1.5m tweets from around the world over a period of 23 days.

Of these, over half (54%) were advertising pornography, a startling figure considering Twitter’s minimum age requirement, like many social media sites, stands at 13.

Twitter simply facilitates research like this by providing an easy-to-access, substantial dataset in a relatively short space of time.

While our previous research showed that misogynistic language was common online, it was more difficult to infer how these words were actually being used.

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