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2017/7-WS9 Pancoe ( CAM member) (bring a child for only more) Instructor: Renato Abbate Spend a day in the clay studio focusing on fun, creativity and togetherness! Newcomers can learn basic watercolor techniques for a colorful scarf.

Float into an Open Studio day to play and paint in time for the holidays.

Bob has again returned but has been seen with a new unbanded male.

The camera was new in 2016 and through it we caught sight of a raccoon in the nest box which stole the single egg laid.

Wooden discs with various holiday designs are provided, and students learn how to add coils of prepared pine needles to finish the ornaments. Teaching artists Renato and Topher keep art in the crafts.

2017/7-MW1 Pancoe / CAM member Instructor: Melanie Walter Students create pine needle and wooden disc ornaments. p.m 2017/7-MW2 Pancoe / CAM member (all supplies provided) Instructors: Renato Abbate & Topher Alexander Cut the kids loose in the studio decorating and adorning seasonal ornaments and block printing greeting cards. One piece to keep for yourself, one to give to a loved one, and one for the tree! Students pick up original art and notecard packet at the CAM front desk within 2 days. Middle School 2017/6 YS5 Beginning & All Levels Dec. (Find his beautiful cake paintings online.) Students use their favorite foods, from their own photo, to create a beautiful, fun, and whimsical painting that makes a great gift easily presented in standard sized frames. Students work on small canvases that are easy to frame for a perfect gift. This is an entry-level course, with no skill requirements other than the wish to learn.

UIC - University of Illinois at Chicago Interesting to note - the location of this nest is on the same building as used in 1986 as our first hatch site.

The building is undergoing renovations, but the adults have been present on the nest ledge.

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