One month of dating gifts

The whole ordeal just adds insult to injury, as dating someone new is uncomfortable enough under normal circumstances. You’re only barely acquainted with this individual, so how the hell are you to know what they would even like? Pick a non-romantic genre, like comedy, action or hardcore porn (yes, that last one was a joke – can we get a sarcasm font up in here? A few weeks before, feel it out with a casual “So, what’s on your Christmas list? And it should be a thought that lasted more than three seconds, because ladies want to know that you’ve put a modicum of effort into selecting something just for her that you felt she would appreciate. Of course, since she is still not your “official” girlfriend, you don’t want to go hell bent bonkers either. If she’s into clean living, organic stuff is a good bet. Oh, and in one other situation: when it’s holiday time and you’re in a relationship that has yet to be defined as the ever-elusive “exclusive.” In this case, the entire gift-giving jam can be as awkward as one of Uncle Len’s “accidental” ass grabs during Thanksgiving dinner. (Yes.) But around tinsel time, yet another question gets thrown onto the pile of uncertainties, and it’s a biggie: Am I expected to proffer a gift to my not-quite-significant other, and if so, what am I supposed to get? Remember, you can always add BJ coupons if necessary. If it’s been more than three months and you have still not had the exclusivity talk, it’s hard to tell what he’s thinking. But truthfully, for women (okay, women), the thought actually IS the key to finding the right gift. Remember these little nuggets and use them to inform your choice of gift. For example, “I know you’ve been super stressed at work, so I thought you could use a little pampering.” Or, “I remember you mentioned how much you love lavender, so I’d hoped you would enjoy this lavender massage lotion.” 2. Again, this would only apply if she is a wine aficionado. If she burns candles every time you go to her place, get her some fancy scented candles.Find a nice, hardcover edition of her favorite book, or get her a gift card to that favorite spa.With any of these choices, you know your gift won't be wasted, and the thoughtfulness will be noted. This is a great gift idea because you can both enjoy it.Instead of spending money on a tangible gift, take your date out for an adventure.Plan a day at the museum or a hiking in a natural setting with a scenic, romantic picnic. When you spend too much money on a gift after just a month of dating, it can look desperate.

Margaret Sharpe is a graduate of California State University with a Bachelor of Arts in journalism.Marking the Milestone and Looking Ahead Avoiding Awkwardness Getting Creative Community Q&A All anniversaries are important milestones, but few are more confusing than the one-month anniversary in a relationship. Should you celebrate it by giving your sweetheart a gift?This article will help guide you towards getting one that’s appropriate at this point in your relationship.Maybe you've had a conversation about a particular classic movie or book, or she's mentioned a favorite spa that she frequents.Use that information to show that you listen and remembered.

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