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However Lithuania still wished to recover its lost land, and this cause was continued after Lithuania's union with Poland in 1569.Meanwhile the Russians were busy fortifying the city against a possible attack.In 1500 Grand Prince Ivan III of Rus launched a new war with Lithuania and early on in the war was successful in recapturing Bryansk and incorporating it into the Moscow Principality.A peace treaty was signed between Lithuania and Moscow in 1503, under which the Moscow Principality kept Bryansk.

In 1778 Empress Catherine the Great made Bryansk the centre of the Bryansk District of the Oryol Governorate and granted the city a coat of arms.

The date of Roman Mikhailovich's death is not known for certain but he was succeeded by his son Oleg sometime after 1288.

However Oleg Romanovich later decided to give up his worldly possessions and became a monk, passing the throne to his brother Mikhail.

Its first prince was Prince Roman Mikhailovich the Elder, son of the executed Prince Mikhail Vsevolodovich of Chernigov.

According to legend, Prince Roman was losing his sight and so sent for a copy of the wonderworking Our Lady of Pechersk Icon from the Kievo-Percherskaya Lavra in Kiev so that he could pray to it.

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