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Years were given in one of two ways: either with reference to the year's consuls, or with reference to the year of the founding of the City. When the date to be given is one of these three sacred days (Kalends, Nones, Ides), the date is given as the day and month, both in the feminine ablative plural.

When using Consular dating the names of both consuls were given in the ablative case, followed by the word "consulibus (cos.)." So, 63 BCE would be "M. Therefore, "Kalendis Aprilibus," "Nonis Septembribus," "Idibus Maiis." Dates were given by counting, inclusively, backwards from the next reference day, putting this number, ordinally, in the accusative case, after the words "ante diem," excepting one case, which is the day before the referenced day, in which case rather than the number and "ante diem," the word "pridie" was used instead.

We decided to combine into a single timeline reference to better understand the instrument serial numbers vs. We’re always looking for more information/corrections to include, so please email us through our contact us link in the header.The electronic book can be accessed here, and machine-readable code can be downloaded here. Individual subscribers to Numerical Recipes Electronic who also own the book, can now convert their subscriptions to "lifetime" subscriptions.You can use Numerical Recipes to extend MATLAB, sometimes giving huge speed increases. (More info here, or go here to subscribe right now.) NR readers may enjoy the Opinionated Lessons in Statistics, webcasts by NR author William H. Readers looking for the efficient Kemeny-Young preference aggregation routine can find it here.The code, including a license for such use, is sold separately from Numerical Recipes (the book) or Numerical Recipes Electronic (the book on-line).There are many legacy applications that use obsolete Second Edition, or even First Edition, Numerical Recipes code.

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