Nicki minaj is dating drake

After Ellen Degeneres asked if she's had sleepovers with Nas, Nicki responded affirmatively -- but clarified that she hasn't done "the nasty" with him because she wants to go a year without sex. The audience seemed noticeably uncomfortable, laughing awkwardly before applauding. If you're impressed by her dedication to abstinence, don't get too excited:"I might make an exception to the rule for [Nas], because he's so dope," she said."We're both from Queens. And he's cute too."The reveal puts a wrench in fans' hopes that Nicki is quietly dating Drake, who called her the "love of his life" at Sunday's Billboard Music Awards. @champagnepapi #Young Money Celebrating 'The Greats' issue for the New York Times style magazine @ The Met Breuer in NYC. The "Super Bass" singer dropped by "The Ellen De Generes Show" Tuesday and admitted that while she does harbor a crush on rumored fling Nas, their relationship is much more innocent than you'd think — she's staying celibate.

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As a result – she is a popular rapper, hip-hop artist, actress and a very rich woman. Carol was too weak person, so she couldn’t leave her husband.Drake and Nicki Minaj have a looooong history together.While they've gone from being "married" to not talking over the years (and there was that time Drake dropped an infamous diss track against her then-fiancé Meek Mill...) tonight at the Billboard Music Awards, the two seemed tight.The world of dreams was extremely important for a girl. Nicki Minaj started her career as an actress and participated in several performances in the local theater. According to Nicki Minaj information, “she was fired from numerous jobs” before she discovered her music talent.She invented new names for herself, like Harajuku Barbie and others. The girl started to create her own rap; she made some home records and created her page at My Space. He hired the young female rapper and recorded several mixtapes with her.

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