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For those you who can’t get enough presentations on this subject, rest assured that the presentations from the DEF CON 25 Crypto and Privacy Village will follow next week. The unleashing of the videos from DEF CON 25 has been initiated.The menu: Cooper Quintin and Kashmir Hill - The Internet Already Knows I’m Pregnant Jim Nitterauer - DNS: Devious Name Services Destroying Privacy & Anonymity w/o consent Peyton Engel - Learning about Government Surveillance Software Roger Dingledine - Next Generation Tor Onion Services Richard Thieme - When Privacy Goes Poof! Today, we have a themed playlist of 15 Io T-centered videos, from the main tracks and the Io T Village alike. Today at a Washington DC event hosted by the Atlantic Council, the long-awaited DEF CON 25 Voting Village Report was released.

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If you haven’t, there’s no better time than right now. We’ve managed to get a bunch more rooms at Caesars Palace into our special rate block.gtid=281c2a2f3267f177478f6cb65cf90b8b This link will also get you the discount at several nearby affiliated hotels. Today’s video release is 15 presentations from a new village on the block - Recon Village.Something for anyone interested in any flavor of Open Source Intelligence, Threat Intelligence, Reconnaissance and Red Teaming.Biotech is moving fast and the singularity waits for no one. If you’re planning to attend DEF CON 26 and want some of those sweet, sweet onsite lodgings at a substantial discount, the time for action is upon you.To register at Caesars with our room rate, use the link

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