My best friend is dating my crush

Ever since that moment I've caught him stare at me loads, he's smiled at me and we've had some really cool conversations. We have a lot in common and his friends always tease him around me. He looked deeply into my eyes and smiled, showing his teeth. Thing is, is that he has a crush on somebody, but I don't feel too put off by it?I just am curious on who it is since he refuses to tell.Every single day I want to tell him how I really feel about him but if I do I think it'll ruin our friendship. I can't tell anyone that I like him because then the whole school would know and would judge me. Plz help me❤️ I had this crush on a guy forever and I finally told him that I USED to like him.In the summer I completely forgot that I liked him and when we went to back to school I saw him in my class and my heart skipped a beat.So I’m now going to take this quiz thinking of Grayson.

I go to an all girls school, and he goes to an all boy school. So this guy is one grade above me and he is suuper sweet like beyond nice i always found myself hanging out with him even in times where we were far away like we went to the amusement park for choir and i ended up hanging out with him the entire day and at the student council meetings i would always talk to him say goodmorning to him in the halls i could admit i had a crush on him but pushed it off and eventually got over it or so i thought but we started texting and he told me he liked me we still arent dating but i do think i like him we talked for honestly 11 hours strait and he understands my crazy habits and my obsession with ice cream but when i told him to ask me anything at all and he said are you trying to get me to ask you out and i said no and he seemed kinda bummed about it i need help. so im in high school and i have a Crush on a Guy,we're the same age but we go to different schools, I know him from a friend that knows him,and we chat every day and he always sends cute things and we just talk, I always get excited when he sends something,but he smokes and drinks, and my friends say bad things about him like he's a 💗boy..But I’ve gotten to know him more and he’s really sweet and fun and has got amazing art skills.Jake’s really nice too but why should I keep chasing after a guy who’s not interested in me when there’s already a great one who is?so I've never bothered having a crush but this guy who has the most gorgeous blue eyes black hair combo has really taken me aback. I think i dont like him So I think I like this guy who is also who of my friend's brother and i didn't know if I really liked him or if it's just a little crush but now I guess I like him and all the signs are pointing to me liking him too.I caught him staring at me once and when he saw I caught him he went bright red and looked away.

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