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Bits 52A–59A provide another way to identify minute boundaries.

This sequence never appears elsewhere in the A bits; due to BCD encoding, at most five consecutive 1 bits can appear elsewhere in the A bits (bits 27A–31A, on July 30 or 31, or bits 33A–37A, if a day ending in 7 falls on a Saturday).

The MSF transmitter is switched off for brief intervals (on-off keying) near the beginning of each second to encode the current time and date.The second marker is transmitted with an accuracy better than ±1 ms relative to Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), which is itself always within ±0.9 seconds of Universal Time (UT1) which is the mean solar time which would actually be observed at 0° longitude.The first second of the minute, denoted second 00, begins with a period of 500 ms with the carrier off, to serve as a minute marker.The signal’s carrier frequency is maintained at 60 k Hz to within 2 parts in 10 A radio station at Rugby was first operated by the Post Office from 1926, with the call-sign GBR.From 19 December 1927, it broadcast a 15.8 k Hz time signal from the Royal Observatory which could be received worldwide.

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