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The interview infuriated Mayer and humiliated Jeanette.She remained in Hollywood to film SAN FRANCISCO with Clark Gable and Spencer Tracy.A: For awhile it was great, though during the summer of 1935 they had their ups and downs.Jeanette met Gene Raymond; Nelson dated a few women.

For their operatic number, Jeanette and Nelson did much of the second act scene from “Tosca.” Here is a rare photo, where Jeanette has stabbed Nelson, from “Tosca.”Filming the first MAYTIME was personally a nightmare for Nelson, because the first week of shooting, Jeanette announced her engagement to Gene Raymond. They were seen again at the Hollywood hot spots together for awhile but once again there was a blow-up.When he trained home to Los Angeles, he announced he was going to “sleep for a week.”A: This film was the brainchild of the MGM Boy Genius, Irving Thalberg.The filming began in August, 1936 and featured supporting actors Paul Lukas and Frank Morgan.Neither was willing to compromise.…but Jeanette discovered she was pregnant. Mayer stepped in, demanding Jeanette give up Nelson and get an abortion. An “echo” duet between him and Jeanette was completely scrapped.She miscarried, but Nelson was convinced she’d listened to Mayer and he broke up with her. If you watch ROSE MARIE you will see certain scenes, such as when he sings “Indian Love Call” to her the first time, where he looks great. The “Mayer Treatment” may have worked on John Gilbert, Ramon Novarro, Lillian Gish and others, ruining their film careers. ROSE MARIE was a bigger hit than NAUGHTY MARIETTA, and Nelson was now the highest paid singer in the world!

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