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At , the pilots noticed a sizeable silent explosion near the large object; two minutes later, a second explosion occurred which faded to a blue cloud around the object.

While still tasked with the search, the captain of the Canadian Coast Guard cutter received a radio message from RCC Halifax that all commercial, private and military aircraft were accounted for along the eastern seaboard, in both Atlantic Canada and New England.The head of the RCAF's "Air Desk" in Ottawa, Squadron Leader Bain, who recommended the RCN undertake an underwater search, was also quoted, saying the RCAF was “very interested” in the matter.“We get hundreds of reports every week, but the Shag Harbor incident is one of the few where we may get something concrete on it.” The article also mentioned UFO reports that immediately preceded the incident, including one from a woman in Halifax around p.m.The initial report was made by local resident Laurie Wickens and four of his friends.Driving through Shag Harbour, on Highway 3, they spotted a large object descending into the waters off the harbour.

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