If you’ve been making cold approaches, then track everything about each interaction: where you were, what you wore, how you felt, what you said, what you did physically, how she responded, how long you were in the conversation, at what point it ended, etc.The State Department has acknowledged in court filings it has nearly 18,000 emails tied to a key Hillary Clinton aide that it previously said did not exist, while the Obama administration also revealed in court that more classified information may have passed through the former secretary of state’s personal email account.This setting allows you to select the gender you wish the software to use when referring to you in third-person pronouns ("he", "his"...This preference is designed for languages where the grammar of user interface text changes depending on your gender.

Even in English, this preference is useful for selecting the correct pronoun from he/she, his/her, etc.

And – more to the point for this exercise – keeping a dating journal means that you’ll have data about your issue.

Personally, I’d suggest designating a specific journal or file exclusively for this purpose; this makes it much easier to look at it en masse when it’s time to go back over what you’ve written.

If you want to start pinpointing issues, you need to have the raw, dispassionate data and you’re not going to have that just from your day to day observations.

The benefit of keeping a journal is that it is a record of events that’s going to be more reliable than just trusting your memory to keep everything straight.

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