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so it was the end of the week before I started looking for a replacement..took 2 full time spaces, and I never got the notice period. Sometimes parents change there mind about going back altogether you just can't tel.Hi Everyone I'm currently training to be a childminder and working on my marketing plan.

Most people who use the sites are looking for a fun connection to someone, or they use the service to fill an emotional void.

Let me first start by saying that these jobs are for only.

At no time will you be expected to do anything in front of a camera.

I'm researching local childminder rates without much luck.

I live in a village where there is a HUGE demand for childminders but not many to choose from. I obviously want to earn a living and i'm a mother myself with a daughter to provide for but some charges are just exorbitant and I don't want to take advantage of people.

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