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“Then I thought, Wow, what if I really did this seriously? ” Bandung is up in the hills, and when we get there, it’s after dark and there’s a cool mist in the air.Though he’s a big fan of the artist performing tonight, 22-year-old Ariel Nayaka, who was educated in the U. but has since returned to Jakarta, Imanuel is generally lukewarm on the Indonesian rap scene. He’s also wary of being pigeonholed as an “Asian rapper,” words he says with a whiff of disdain.“But honestly, at first, I didn’t even realize he was Indonesian.” As he tells me this, Imanuel is being hounded for photos by fans, as he has been for most of the evening.He’s good about obliging them, too, mugging for the camera and whatnot.But his viral success has precipitated a boom in English-language hip-hop in Jakarta, giving other young Indonesians the hope that they too could make it big.Alongside Joey Alexander, the 13-year-old piano prodigy from Bali, Imanuel is now probably the Indonesian most recognized overseas.It was hardly deep cuts: 2 Chainz and Macklemore, whose track “Thrift Shop” was the first to which Imanuel tried rapping. “Learning how to rap actually improved my English, because it forced me to talk fast, and I used to suck at that.” In a way, his hip-hop is a lot like his comedy: flavored with irony — because an Indonesian teenager rapping about gang warfare ironic — but ultimately driven by a passion born of talent.“I don’t want to be all corny and call myself a f-cking artist, but at the same time I don’t want to say I’m exclusively a comedian,” he says.

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It was here in Jakarta that a skinny homeschooled boy, who spoke only Bahasa Indonesia, discovered You Tube, taught himself the vernacular English of the American suburbs, and fashioned himself as an online celebrity — first as a comedian, with a preternatural grasp of the darkly ironic tenor of the humor of Twitter and Vine, and then, most implausibly, as a rapper. He has a quarter of a million followers on Twitter, nearly 100,000 on Sound Cloud, and managers in Los Angeles.

Despite the motifs that recur in both his rap and comedy videos — bottles of liquor, consistent references to “kush” — Imanuel doesn’t smoke weed and rarely drinks.

Indonesia is a country of cigarette smokers — half of all adults smoke, and a shocking number of children too, as seen in a 2014 Vice documentary on the nation’s tobacco addiction — but Imanuel instead puffs occasionally on a vaporizer.

A rapper he knew had a gig there later in the evening, and we were hitting the road early to escape the snarls of greater Jakarta’s notoriously wretched traffic.

Imanuel’s crew, insofar as he has one: his sister Eryka, who’s 23 and is herself a You Tube personality in Indonesia, and a portly 21-year-old guy named Ricky — he asks me not to use his last name — who produces the music Imanuel makes as Rich Chigga and appears in the “Dat $tick” video.

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