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They feature a thumb-loop which is incredibly easy to use, grab and generally shove in to cracks.The four camming lobes (that's why these are called C4s - BD also make C3s, smaller cams with only 3 lobes, not tested in this review) are made from 7075 aluminium which is a little harder than the most common aluminium for cam lobes.It would be useful, he continued, “if we could find humans in the videos, if we could apply some type of translation about what’s being said…if the cameras could read lettering like drivers license numbers… If the company was gravitating toward data science as the biggest opportunity to change policing, the branding had to change accordingly.

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Last week, the company announced that it would offer a free body-camera for every police department in the United States, they agree to have that camera’s video stream back to Axon.

For this test we got as many different cams as we could.

There are more out there that we haven't covered, but we tried to get our chalky paws on as many as possible.

amming devices, Friends, Cams, whatever you want to call them, they are amongst the most prized possessions of all trad climbers.

If you're lucky enough to own a spangly set of top-of-the-range cams, then you can bet your bottom dollar that your mates are always keen to climb on your rack.

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