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This is a good rule of thumb to follow when on the road.

Road and trail conditions are constantly changing and it's always best to get the inside scoop before you head out on your adventure.

Pedaling beneath a canopy of 2,000-year-old giants in Redwoods National Park is a lesson in humility for even the youngest riders, a reminder that there are things in nature both bigger and more ancient that humans.

You'll see plenty of the titanic trees and much more on Western Spirit's five-day Redwoods National Park Family Trip.

Fern Canyon has become a popular destination within Redwood National and State Parks, particularly during summer, despite having somewhat long and windy unpaved access via Davison Raod. If you're making the trip down, consider camping a night or at Gold Bluffs Beach Campground and visiting the canyon early or late in the day.

Also make sure to bring a layer to throw on when hiking in the canyon; even if it fees warm at the beach, the climate remains cool and moist within the confines of the canyon year round.

Now that you have the lay of the land, let's chat about five tips to enhance your Redwood Experience: The Redwoods - The big draw here is obviously the majestic redwoods themselves.

Giant Sequoias only grow in the California Sierra Nevadas - They can reach 280 ( /-) feet tall and forty ( /-) feet in diameter making them the largest living thing on Earth.Rain is minimal, but don't begrudge the occasional coastal fog—the redwoods depend on it. With vertical walls rising slightly higher than the canyon floor is wide, Fern Canyon is one of the West Coast's most exquisite natural hallways, where a blanket of brilliant ferns and moss provide the art.There is no admission fee, although the state parks do have an overnight vehicle fee and an per day-use fee in certain areas.Your first stop, no matter from which direction you are coming, should be at a Visitor Center to pick up a map and chat with the rangers and get their recommendations.

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