Lack of communication in dating

It’s not because they can’t work together, but because one or both people don’t know how to talk to their partner in a way that’ll make them understand.

And when you can’t talk about your problems, you can’t fix them.

Just a change in inflection in one or two words will change the course of the conversation. Keep in mind that it’s about creating the conversation and encouraging compassion for one another that will steer you away from the confrontation and criticism.

Humor has a way of diluting and diffusing tension and has immeasurable positive results.

The only issues that really can’t be solved with discussion are your core morals and values.

This creates hope for future, healthier conversations. Start small, have a plan, and decide on a couple of changes together. People don’t always know how to start this process, but they really like this idea! Schedule a time and then both people need to honor the plan.

This helps the couple feel they are working together to mend their differences, which reinforces their relationship. They find it to be eye-opening, beneficial, and helps create a conversation about their relationship. Before you get into any discussion, determine the emotional mood you are in and then communicate that to the other person.

But there’s still a major lack of communication in relationships.

In fact, it’s one of the primary reasons couples break up.

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