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The cast is stocked with R-rated equivalents of the kinds of eccentrics who might show up in a Damon Runyon story or a Robert Altman film — including James Franco as twin brothers whose business becomes a front for the mob, Maggie Gyllenhaal as a streetwalker with an entrepreneurial streak, and Ralph Macchio as a cynical vice cop — while the writing staff is top-heavy with suspense writers, including Megan Abbott, Lisa Lutz, and Richard Price, who care about plot as well as atmosphere and psychology.To top it all off, Michelle Mac Laren directed the pilot.a pair of Russians attempting to influence and undermine our government?Actually, yes, it is, especially because we’re dying to know whether the Jennings decided to stay in America or return to their homeland.

If nothing else, Elisabeth Moss as Offred promises to be downright thrilling.(You know, Kerry Washington had other things to attend to.) Olivia Pope is now running Mellie’s campaign for presidency against Frankie Vargas (with Cyrus as the mastermind) in the general election. 26) Did you ever wish that someone would reimagine Archie Comics as a brooding, sexy drama in a small town rocked by a murder? Apa stars as Archie with abs, and he’s joined by equally beautiful and unknown co-stars: Lili Reinhart as Betty and Camila Mendes as Veronica. 5)The long-running series has finally retired Kiefer Sutherland’s Jack Bauer and replaced him with Corey Hawkins’s Eric Carter, an ex–Army Ranger whose team assassinates a Bin Laden–type terrorist mastermind, only to find themselves targeted for retaliatory assassinations when they return to the States.Will Scandal’s election reach the levels of madness the actual presidential election did? Well, Greg Berlanti, king of the CW, has made your revisionist dreams come true with Riverdale. Archie does have famous parents, with Luke Perry as his father and Molly Ringwald set to guest-star as his mom. Sutherland swears that Bauer won’t make a cameo in this new incarnation, but Carlos Bernard’s turncoat Tony Almeida will return (his last appearance was in the mini-season ), though we don’t know whether he’ll be purely malevolent or more of an antihero type, much less whether he’ll have mockable facial hair.With more shows in production than ever — and on more channels and platforms than any one person could feasibly commit to watching — Vulture is here to guide the way for the year ahead.Below, we’ve chosen the 23 shows we’re most excited to watch in 2017: Some are old, many are new, and a few don’t even have firm premiere dates, but they all have the potential for greatness.

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