Jon and kate dating

Fans of the show are buzzing about photos of Jon Gosselin apparently on vacation in Saint-Tropez, France, with a young woman who is definitely not his wife and reality TV co-star.

identified her as Hailey Glassman, the daughter of Dr.

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Just one issue about that report, tweeted Kate in response. Gosselin now says that impostors posted that nasty response, pointing to the fact that his teenage daughters are old enough to see social media, and that he would not diss their mom in that way."Their whole TV show is based on them being parents and caring for all of these kids they have, and both of them seem totally wrapped up in themselves," Slotnick said."It's strange that [Jon] feels like he has to deny the whole thing, then at the same time he is flaunting it." Psychotherapist M.But it's not too long before they pick up on her secret plan.The Sextuplets are turning 12, and Kate is feeling the pressure.

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