Joel and hilary dating

MORE: Hilary Duff, Scott Disick and More Stars' Controversial Halloween Costumes "It was so all encompassing.

It was pretty major." (Photo Credit: Getty Images) Following her divorce from ex-husband earlier this year, the mother-of-one also admitted that she doesn't want to walk down the aisle again.

Those expecting a G-rated Duff￿ need not look here.

Her character, Kelsey, dater of douche bags and teller of masturbation jokes, is less Lizzie, more Liz Mc G — Lizzie's post-collegiate, corporate ladder-climbing alter ego. "She'll go out, have too many, then wake up and scramble to the office.

"I had a pretty serious relationship at a young age that I ended, and it wrecked me for a good year and a half," she says, likely speaking of Madden. My nature is happier being with someone and creating a deep friendship.

Also the love aspect is super important, where you are really attracted to that person," she sighs.

On her serious relationship with Joel at just 16-year-old: "It was so all encompassing. "But enough people seem to have cared that it's talked about." On whether she could be with a man who had been previously involved with another man: "I wouldn't be OK with him being with guys when I was with him. I love that we're getting to this place in this world where people are fighting to be heard and accepted.

"It's hard to find that, all wrapped up into one." Du￿ff's the first to admit that she's figuring some stu￿ff out right now, and it's a process, not an achievement.

She sees a therapist whenever she needs "a little tune-up." As for what she's learning?

It seems like it's happening at a snail's pace, but it does seem like there's so much light shined on it now, which is exciting.

I don't want this to be taken the wrong way, but I don't know if…I don't know. I don't have any feelings towards women except they're beautiful.

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